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tvOS 9.1.1 is now available to all fourth generation Apple TV users [atualizado: app Podcasts]

If you have a fourth generation Apple TV (with application support and touch remote control), know that Apple today released the tvOS 9.1.1.

tvOS 9.1.1

As always, this type of update is hardly new and usually focuses on bug fixes / general system improvements. If any new features or significant changes to the Apple TV system have been implemented in this build (13U717), we will communicate here. ?

Apple TV

Apple TV

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Update · 01/25/2016 s 17:34

Just to counteract, the new version does have a good news!

Now you can listen / watch your podcasts through the official Apple app, all properly synchronized by the cloud (iCloud).

To update, just go to Software Update System Settings. Remembering that tvOS 9.2 is already in the testing phase and will bring other good news.