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See how iPhones 7/7 Plus perform in a variety of performance tests – including against the Galaxy Note7

Last August, we published here a performance comparison between the iPhone 6s and the Note7. Even though we are comparing a device from 2015 (iPhone 6s) with one from 2016 (Note7), the iPhone literally gave a bath. Many say that the test itself disfavors Samsung because it is based entirely on an experience, say, single-core (great asset of iPhones and iOS, which was designed to use a single app at a time in full screen), while Samsung's forte would be a more multitasking experience.

But the truth is that, at least speaking of ordinary people, we are unlikely to see someone doing 2-3 things at once on a phone. Even though it is possible to open apps side by side on Android devices, it is undeniable that people normally open the browser, Facebook, WhatsApp or whatever the app is and stay there.

Now that the iPhone 7 has been launched, it's time to repeat this test with Ma's new smartphone.

Again, we see the iPhone completing the test much faster than the Note7. It is true that much of this test also depends on the optimizations of the games / apps used in the iOS and Android operating systems. But why, is it not fair to take this into account as well? After all, the experience on a platform directly related to what it offers to the user (in this case, the apps).

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Leaving aside the comparison with Samsung and looking only at the improvements between the generations of iPhones, this video shows the performance of the iPhone 7 well compared to its predecessors:

In the boot test, iPhone 7 was the first; the curious thing was to see that the 7 Plus completed the test in eighth!

Interestingly, in this other video in which the initialization of the iPhones 6, 6s, 7 and 7 Plus is compared, the 7 Plus ended in third place, in front of the 7.

But back to the other video, when the subject benchmark (Geekbench and AnTuTu), the iPhone 7 (obviously) also came in first with the best scores; when opening the Cmera app and seeing which device is ready to take a photo first, the big winner was the 6s Plus (at least if my eyes didn?t deceive me, but in general, the latest ones have a very similar performance); when measuring decibels, it is proven that the stereo speakers of the iPhones 7/7 Plus are actually more powerful.

There are still other tests like HTML5, device temperature when demanding a lot from the processor, comparing photos and videos, among other things that are worth checking out.

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Some of you may not know it, but the iPhone 7 Plus has 3GB of RAM while the iPhone 7 has ?only? 2GB. A priori, this extra 1GB of RAM from the larger model serves to improve the experience with the dual camera. But does he also make a difference in the experience as a whole?

As we can see in the video above, no. Unlike the comparison between iPhone 6 and 6s (1GB and 2GB respectively), we have basically the same experience using iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

(via Cult of Mac, iClarified, 9to5Mac)