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Now, yes: check out our “unboxing” of an iPhone 7 in the new shiny black color (jet black)

You already followed here on the site ?Unboxings? of a silver iPhone 7 Plus and a black iPhone 7 matte (matte) (in addition to a ceramic Apple Watch Edition Series 2), as well as a full video of hands-on, but we still needed to open the box of a iPhone 7 in the new shiny black color (jet black).

And, as we promised on our queue video in Germany, here it is! ? Inside, nothing very different, of course, except for the different plug adapter (this one, American) and the absence of the tool to open the chip tray.

In fact, when leaving the box the jet black beautiful. However, in a few moments he is already getting fingerprinted and, as Apple itself warned, scratches with some ease.

And what are you going to? ?

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THE traveled Germany to cover in loco the launch of iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2 thanks to iFood, which we are deeply grateful for the support.

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