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Next generation iPhone will even be launched with Apple A4, according to rumors

Until today, Samsung is in charge of supplying the processors used by Apple in iPhones and iPods touch, but that should change in the future. More sources of news in the Asian market began to suggest that these devices will actually join the iPad and will be produced with the A4, allowing the company to start using less components created and produced by other manufacturers in the sector.

By contract, Samsung may continue to produce the processors that Apple needs to launch a future generation of the iPhone (perhaps this one) on the market. However, this time, it will do so based on the design and construction technology that Apple itself created for its tablet, integrating CPU, GPU and memory into a single physical component.

If the rumor is confirmed in practice, Apple will significantly decrease its dependence on Samsung for processing technology in mobile devices, but in addition to continuing its partnership to produce A4 units, it will still depend on its own memory modules. With the possibility that the chip used in the next iPhone will be the same as the iPad, the new device will be at least twice as fast as its predecessor.

(via iClarified)