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Gizmodo reveals the identity of those who lost the iPhone prototype

Jesus Diaz, from Gizmodo, has a story to tell. Imagine March 18th, a Thursday, and you decide to go to a German brewery called Gourmet Haus Staudt in Redwood City. But you are not just any regular: you work at Apple Inc. as a software engineer baseband and has an iPhone.

iPhone 4G acquired by Gizmodo

Small detail: a fourth generation iPhone not yet announced by the spaceship. And you take him to a German brewery. Is it possible to end well, something like that?

Well, the protagonist of this story forgot his iPhone on a bar stool. It would be bad enough if it were a $ 3G, but it was a secret model that ended up in the hands of a Deep Throat who sat next to Powell. ?I thought it was just an iPhone 3GS,? said the informant in a telephone interview, ?It looked like one. I tested the camera, but it stopped three times. ?

There were some numbered stickers on the case that masked the gadget and six Home Screens of applications, including Facebook, from which the genius's identity was inferred, which did not even protect his iPhone 4G / HD / his top secret with a damn engineer password. The next day, and the informant noticed something strange, the iPhone was formatted courtesy of Find My iPhone integration with Exchange Server and its remote wipe (post (20/04): features of Find My iPhone would still be incompatible with OS 4). Only the gadget was removed from the case and, to the surprise of Deep Throat, it was not an iPhone 3GS.

iPhone 4G acquired by Gizmodo

The rest, as we already know, is history.

Anyway, the staff of Gizmodo he contacted the person responsible for the lost iPhone, and although he sounds very tense and down on the phone, at least he is alive and, hopefully, still employed.

This, goes to the list of leaks more #epicFAIL of the world of technology, unless it?s a very tangled story of intrigue and lies. Moral: if you're drinking, don't walk around with a secret iPhone prototype Thinking better, don't walk by with nothing terribly secretive and capable of arousing Jobs' ire.