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Bluetooth 4.0 specification is finalized and will favor devices that consume less energy and transfer more data

Those responsible for the evolution of the Bluetooth connectivity standard today announced the completion of its version 4.0, which will offer improvements for practically all cases in which it can be used in modern gadgets and computers. Regardless of the fact that device manufacturers are interested in a higher operating speed or superior energy autonomy, the new version of it should favor both cases in the best possible way.

On certain devices that require little Bluetooth support, battery life using standard 4.0 will be significantly benefited. A specific case cited by the Electronist the use of a pedometer in an apparatus, which will be able to operate in a low-power mode for up to months on a single battery charge.

In addition, Bluetooth 4.0 also supports transfers of up to 54Mbps, that is, in the same bandwidth as the old 802.11g Wi-Fi standard. In order to offer backward compatibility with old devices, the current 3Mbps standard will be maintained, but it has also been adapted to use low energy consumption profiles.

The first Bluetooth 4.0 compatible gadgets and computers will be available only in late 2010.