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Australian site "confirms" update on the MacBooks Pro line for next week

The Australian edition of Macworld says that new editions of the MacBooks Pro may be released next week, on April 13 curiously, a Tuesday. The information would have come from a reliable source on the site, but it conflicts with another speculation released earlier this week, claiming that Apple notebooks would not be updated until June.

In the case of this rumor, only MacBooks Pro are cited while the previous speculation already includes the entire line of notebooks of the company. Apple's new professional notebooks are likely to win processors quad-core as of this month, in addition to changes in the internal hardware to support them, especially with regard to graphics.

Coming from a website like MacworldIt is difficult to think that such news is false. But there is something strange about this story if we remember that, this month, we still have international launches of the iPad and the revelation of the iPhone OS 4.0, which will be made today. Why would Apple make April such a busy month for various launches?

(via 9 to 5 Mac)