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Samsung loses appeal and still has to pay R $ 385.4 million to Apple for patent infringement

The recent sea of Samsung It is so annoying that company executives should burst into tears routinely in South Korea. After the problem with his new apple known as the Galaxy Note7, which has taken unimaginable proportions and even splashed on his washing machines, it arrives today notice that an appeal filed by the South Korean was rejected by the United States Court of Appeals, and the obligation of a considerable payment of $ 119.6 million (approximately R $ 385.4 million) Apple remains valid.

Apple vs. Samsung

The legal battle, which has been going on since 2011, began when Apple accused its competitor of infringing patents related to the iconic (and now coldly murdered by its own creator) ?slide to unlock? design element (?Slide to unlock?). In the latest development of the case, in February this year, a court panel had ruled that Samsung had not infringed on Ma's patents and was released from paying the amount it had previously been ordered to pay.

Now, this same court, this time made up of all its members, decided by 8 votes to 3 that the decision previously made by the panel was wrong and should not have won the case of Samsung, that is, the Galaxy manufacturer will have to pay again the nearly $ 120 million Apple.

This same panel that favored Samsung in February had also decided that Apple had infringed South Korean patents related to digital imaging technologies and should pay it $ 158,400 in damages. This decision was also reversed today, with the case review.

Even with the news, Apple's shares (AAPL) did not rise significantly on Friday, operating now up 0.25% to $ 114.16. Samsung (SSNLF), on the other hand, is seeing a 15% drop in its shares over the past few days although I suspect this court decision is the last of the factors that contribute to this. Too bad, because there is something that Apple has been needing lately, a strong competition.

(via MacRumors)