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New MacBooks Pro make Apple sales grow 20% in one month

There is no way to say that the latest news from Apple for the Mac did not come at a good time for the company, which had already managed to draw a lot of attention with its desktops thanks to the current iMacs and Macs mini. However, the update to the MacBook Pro line almost a month ago made the company's laptop sales skyrocket 20% year on year, according to an analysis by Kaufman Bros. released today.

New MacBooks Pro

Apple's professional line of notebooks had not been updated for more than ten months, corresponding to the expectation of many people. Anyone who has been waiting for machines like these for a long time now has a good opportunity to purchase company products, according to this latest study.

They (the new MBPs) offer a much better price / performance ratio and battery life of 8 to 10 hours, among the best in the industry, said Shaw Wu, an analyst at Kaufman. As for the iPad, he expects sales of the 3G model to reach two million units by June, not to mention precisely the public's interest in the Wi-Fi restricted tablet.

(via AppleInsider)