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New MacBook also supports audio and video streaming via Mini DisplayPort

As part of the update released today for the MacBook, Apple made changes to the Mini DisplayPort used to connect external displays, based on version 1.2 of the technology released some time ago by VESA and later implemented on the iMac and MacBook Pro. the laptop's video connection is also capable of transmitting audio together, with just one cable.

The novelty was highlighted in a support article from the company, in which clarified the compatibility of the new MacBook with HDMIMini DisplayPort adapters. Using one of them, it is possible to connect the machine to a high definition TV, being a way to improvise a media center in your room without aset-top box or nothing like that.

Gradually, the entire line of Apple computers is becoming compatible with HDMI adapters, now only the Mac mini and Mac Pro are missing. Interestingly, this goes against an old speculation that the company's machines would gain HDMI ports something they shouldn't happen for now, thanks to this possibility of compatibility.