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Let us contemplate a little envy at the renovated Apple Regent Street store in London

Okay, okay, I know I can't complain that much. We Brazilians already have two not enough Apple stores in the largest cities in the country, which we have been waiting for so long. But did it cost to have one that was not tucked inside a mall and presented a slightly more lively or exciting architecture? ?

I digress, but these thoughts arose in my head after admiring some photos of the renovated Apple Regent Street, in London which, if it was already very elegant when I visited it more than two years ago, is now absolutely stunning!

The first Apple store in the Old World, opened in 2004, was closed since June last year for renovations and reopens tomorrow, October 15th, with an interior completely rethought by the architect popstar Norman Foster and his Foster + Partners gang (the same behind Ma's glorious ?spaceship?) within the new retail space guidelines created by Jonathan Ive (Apple design chief) and Angela Ahrendts (responsible for physical stores and online from Ma) seen first at Apple Brussels and Apple Union Square.

The space renovation could not have been more successful. The fallen Edwardian façade remains, obviously (and fortunately), unchanged with the subtle change in Apple logos, which were previously displayed on top of large windows and have now been reduced to just one, in a large white flag in the center of the city. input.

Renovated Apple Regent Street store in London

On the other hand, the internal space has changed completely. The main area has become a beautiful and imposing trio with a double duty, fully covered in marble on almost all of its walls (which should not have been nothing cheap, but for those who have US $ 232 billion in cash n.). The exhibition tables are flanked by 12 trees surrounded by leather-covered benches directly from Rolls Royce (oh british).

At the bottom of the ground level, the area christened Forum it has an LED screen and several stools for daily entertainment and teaching events. The old (and iconic) glass staircase has been replaced by two stone staircases at each end of the store, which lead to the mezzanine that is quite small compared to how it was before, since a good part of it was knocked down to create the new central space. The upper level dedicated to Creative Pros, the specialized employees who teach users how to incorporate their Macs and iGadgets in your creative production life.


If you've been fortunate enough to be in London or nearby these days, Apple's official reopening of Regent Street to the general public tomorrow, October 15th, at 10 am at the local time. Next stop: Porto Maravilha? ?