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iOS Card Reader, by PhotoFast, is a “small big” solution for those who need space

How many times have you seen a message on your iGadget warning that the storage is full? Because the accessory iOS Card Reader, from PhotoFast, is an excellent option for those with limited space (not just in gigabytes, but physically)!

iOS Card Reader

With the quality of photos and videos getting better and with more space occupied, iPhones with few GBs for storage end up becoming a problem in several situations, like a trip (just to mention an example). Apple offers the possibility of using the iCloud Photo Library, but for everyone who adapts or is interested in playing their files in the cloud.

iOS Card Reader

Another problem for many users is the inability to store many songs or documents on their device. If you don't want solutions as drastic as this one or can't wait for Apple to abandon the 16GB versions of its devices, you need to look carefully at the iOS Card Reader. The device, as its name suggests, is a practical microSD card reader for iGadgets!

iOS Card Reader

Small and with a Lightning connector, the reader is managed by a universal app (compatible with iPhones and iPads including Pro!) Called i-FlashDrive ONE. It is an intuitive and very complete file manager, which allows us to add files, create folders, protect items and perform backups without much complications.

PhotoFast ONE app icon

When connecting the reader for the first time iGadget, it will display messages on the screen asking for access to your contacts, calendars and photos, because if you want you can make backups of this information. The device already comes with a 16GB card and is compatible with microSD cards up to 128GB.

Unlike other accessories and applications that I have already tested, PhotoFast's solution is user friendly, with support for both online and offline features. See a chart showing the features of the iOS Card Reader when compared to the Apple card reader:

Comparison table of iOS Card Reader

Completing the range of features of the iOS Card Reader is the possibility to store videos to watch on the iPhone or Apple TV (via AirPlay), exchange files with devices that have a microSD input (such as Android smartphones or GoPro cameras), store music to listen to without clogging your iPhone, etc.

iOS Card Reader

Check out the promotional video of the accessory:

The iOS Card Reader is available in several colors and can be found for purchase online, coming out by $ 40 plus $ 30 for international delivery.

iOS Card Reader

For those who need more space on their device, without a doubt the iOS Card Reader is a good alternative!