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Intel production delay may also have delayed launch of new Macs Pro

Intel had previously been held responsible for the long wait for delivery of the new MacBooks Pro equipped with its latest processors, but apparently it is not hurting manufacturers just in that regard. THE Hardmac says the company is also offering its new six-core Xeon line on limited orders, something that should not arouse the interest of any major manufacturer by the end of June.

This will hinder, among many others, Apple's plans for the Mac Pro, its large workstation computer that has hardly changed since its last update, launched last year. With the new Xeon line, it can be equipped with up to two processors with 6 physical cores and 12 logical each, not to mention new data storage options and advanced graphics hardware.

Due to the limitation imposed by Intel, Apple should not comment on the Mac Pro for now. The most accepted idea is that an update to the product could be announced during the next edition of WWDC, but next month, it is likely that the company will only start receiving orders, instead of delivering the new machines in bulk to consumers.