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Dell puts two IPS monitors at affordable prices for professional users

As more people have access to the 21.5 and 27 inch iMacs, the benefits of the IPS technology employed by Apple on their monitors become more evident, as they have great color quality and display images at very wide viewing angles. Similar display options on the part of Apple have not been very large for a long time (interestingly, there are people who are excited to buy one of the new iMacs only to use as a display), but little by little they are becoming accessible by other companies.

For professional users, who usually put a lot of trust in quality monitors during their work with web design, video or graphic arts, it was not so easy to purchase products with IPS technology some time ago. However, this has changed little by little: Dell, which has been selling a monitor with support for such a technique since January, today announced two other models of 21.5 and 23 inches, putting its benefits in evidence for professionals with more modest purchasing power .

Both support DisplayPort and DVI connections, so they should behave very well with Apple notebooks and Macs Pro with specific video card configurations. The new Dell 21.5-inch monitor with IPS technology is now selling for $ 280, while the similar 23-inch edition costs $ 300.

(via Electronist)