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COVID-19: Altice and Huawei will provide tablets and videoconferencing systems to national hospitals

Altice Portugal and Huawei have joined together to help health professionals and patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in hospitals to communicate with the family. The companies will make hundreds of pieces of equipment available to the Ministry of Health to facilitate remote communications, remembering that, even though we need to be physically distant in times of pandemic, technology will continue to allow proximity

In a statement, Altice advances that, together with the Chinese manufacturer, it will make available hundreds of tablets with 4G mobile data connection and WiFi infrastructure. families for the sake of public health, Altice Portugal and Huawei present their contribution, says the Portuguese company.

In addition, both companies will also make available to Portuguese hospitals a dozen video conferencing systems. The objective is to enable them to use remote communication tools, allowing contact with suppliers, partners and distance healthcare professionals, as well as the debate on clinical cases among professionals from different healthcare institutions.