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Apple is testing leaving products without security locks in its stores

Anyone who has ever played with an iPhone or iPad at an Apple store must have noticed that they have a security lock glued to your back, and that is the company's standard in any country (before the mongrel complex wakes up and thinks it's only here in Brazil).

But Ma is already carrying out, in some stores, a pilot program that seeks to eliminate these locks. I noticed this during the MM Tour V last week, both at Apple Union Square (in San Francisco) and in Apple Stanford (in Palo Alto). In the latter, I talked to a store employee to understand why only a few stores do not have locks.

The employee explained to me that the change is still being tested, in a few stores, and applies new layers of security on the products instead of the physical lock. Should anyone attempt to steal an unprotected iPhone / iPad, as soon as the device he leaves the store, he is already completely locked with a message to guide him to be returned. If the person insists on continuing to move away from the location, the device starts to emit a very loud and uninterrupted warning sound.

The newest store to adopt the new system, according to CNET was the Apple Regent Street (in London, UK), which was completely renovated and reopened last Saturday. THE MacRumors also adds that the Apple yorkdale, in Toronto (Canada), another one that is participating in this experimental phase.

The change will certainly contribute so that store visitors have experiences with the products on display more in line with those they would have on a daily basis, without a thread holding it and / or putting weight on the back. In the case of iPhones, this also allows, for example, the person to test the smartphone with the case of their preference.

Here is the crowd for the project to succeed and soon be applied to all almost 500 stores of Ma around the world, including in our country.