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Windows 10 has a new beta application for news notifications that appear on the screen

Being aware of what is happening in the world through a Windows 10 computer will soon change. Microsoft has unveiled a new application, which is already in beta, which makes notifications available via a scrolling bar on the desktop screen, making news from more than 4,500 news sites selected by the company known.

Similar to the taskbar already available on the Windows 10 operating system, the News Bar can allow users to update the practicalities of the many news that are published daily. To do this, Microsoft relies on "the most respected media".

Through the application you can also configure the information that appears on the computer screen, ensuring, for example, the release of updated information throughout the day. Regarding the design, the bar can also be personalized and, if you prefer, you can minimize it whenever you want. The beta version is now available for download.

The technological giant thus follows the trend of other companies in betting on newspaper coverage. Google News and Apple News are examples of some news aggregators that have allowed users to access content on a single platform.