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Tim Cook says new R&D center in Japan will be “quite different” and will focus on artificial intelligence

As we already reported, Tim Cook is in Japan to, among other matters, address the newly formed partnership with Nintendo and the research and development (R&D) center to be inaugurated in the country in December. On this second topic, the Apple CEO gave very interesting statements in an interview published yesterday by Nikkei Asian Review.

Tim Cook Apple Japan Prime Minister

Cook, visiting the Land of the Rising Sun for the first time as Apple CEO, met with reporters from the publication on a bullet train and talked a little about the center to be opened in the city of Yokohama, the first of its kind outside the United States. According to the executive, the place will be dedicated to ?deep engineering? and to the development of new artificial intelligence technologies.

"We want to use artificial intelligence to increase the longevity of your battery, to remember where you parked your car or to recommend new songs on Apple Music," said Cook, who believes like almost every other big name in the area that AI is next. big deal in the technological world. Proof of this, incidentally, are several recent Apple purchases from companies in the machine learning industry (1, 2).

Despite the enthusiasm, the executive did not give more details about what will be developed in the new Japanese center: ?I cannot tell you the specifics. The specific job will be quite different. ? It is good to remember that Apple also has plans to open R&D centers in China, so perhaps it is in relation to them that the CEO is referring when he says that the work to be done there in Japan will be quite different.

Not much to do with the matter, but also interesting to note a statement by Cook about Apple Pay: the executive hopes that the payment system will be the "catalyst" for the complete extinction of physical money in society. "We think that the consumer does not particularly like physical money," he said, a prophet.

Let's see what Ma's future awaits

(via MacRumors)