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Steam users have faster machines running Mac OS X than Windows (on average)

Although the overall performance of Steam games on Mac OS X is lower than that of similar PCs running Windows, Valve found that machines running the Apple operating system are on average more powerful than the Windows user base. Of course, there are some people who use very tempting computer configurations, but since Ma's user base is much more connected to new computers, it is normal for them to put the platform with a slightly higher performance average.

Team Fortress 2 for MacTeam Fortress 2 for Mac

While most PC owners use machines that are 3GB or less within the 32-bit barrier, many Macs already exceed that limit on 64-bit systems. More than 90% of them use machines with two cores or more, while only 55% of Windows users do the same.

However, Apple leaves something to be desired in offering good GPUs. Many of their machines (especially MacBooks and MacBooks Pro) run GeForce 9400M on the Steam network, while PC users have a much larger market view in this regard. When thinking about updates to the Mac line, it should be noted that Apple needs to take a little more seriously not only in researching better options for smaller machines, but also in making its operating system handle graphics more efficiently , with improvements in video card drivers.

(via Engadget)