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Apparently, skins are erasing the back markings on the iPhone 7 jet black – what can it be… well?

Ah, the iPhone 7 glossy black (jet black), this bottomless pit of controversies and polemics directly proportional to its level of beauty. Today we have one more of these, directly from the forums MacRumors.

Skin for iPhone 7 glossy black with back inscriptions

The user ksyu discovered by removing a skin (general designation given to the famous rear films, which may or may not be transparent) of its shiny black iPhone 7, that the inscriptions on the lower portion of the device had been ?transferred? to the protective layer, that is, the name ?iPhone?, next to the regulatory information was recorded on the film, while the device itself had been well erased.

Other users took the test and obtained the same result, with the inscriptions on the back of the iPhone becoming less and less visible with each application. skin. One of the owners made a video exemplifying the problem:

Apparently other iPhone models do not suffer from the problem and, strangely, some users were unable to replicate the effect with their own iPhones 7 jet black. It is not known exactly what causes the ?peeling?, but it is speculated that it may have something to do with the way these films are applied: some of them require the application of a solution on the surface for better adhesion of the skin, and this solution may be ?dissolving? the letters on the back of the iPhone.

iPhone 7 glossy black with erased back inscriptions

Of course, this is a problem for those who want to keep their iPhone in new condition, so care is always recommended. Now, on the other hand, the iPhone with the least visible inscriptions is really cleaner and more elegant, don't you think? If I had one, I would be the first to try the effect.

Perhaps it is as Apple says: "It?s not a bug, it?s a feature." ?

(via iClarified)