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WhatsApp offline: tips to know if the app fell in 2020

Find out if WhatsApp is down for everyone or has just fallen for you a situation that many people have already been through. How to identify if the problem with everyone or if only your app is not working?

AppGeek has put together the best tips to help find out if WhatsApp has stopped. Also check out what can be done to get the messenger back to normal if the difficulty is only in your device.

1. Check monitoring sites


Can't send or receive any message on WhatsApp? Know that there are several websites that offer service monitoring service and show if the app has crashed and in which country.

Most of them work collaboratively, receiving information from users who live in these locations and also monitoring complaints on services such as Twitter. Thus, they make a balance of these surveys and, when they find a relevant flaw, disclose.

Downdetector and Outage Report are the two main sites that offer the service and encompass Brazil. If the problem is widespread or in your region, there is nothing to do but wait for the situation to normalize.

2. See the trending topics (Google Trends and Twitter)

WhatsApp has become one of the main means of communication for people in several countries. Therefore, when the tool gives a problem, it is common for users to search the internet about what may be happening or to vent about the situation on social networks.

Therefore, if you are having difficulty using the app, the Google Trends tool and Twitter's Trending Topics can work as great sources of information.

Google Trends

In Google Trends, just enter the word Whatsappas a search term. To get a more accurate result, use the search filters. Place the Brazilhow country and In the last 4 hours or In the last hour in the period.

Google Trends

Scroll the screen and see, on the right side, the related queries that are on the rise. These are the surveys that many people are doing within that defined period.

If there is any instability, terms like WhatsApp offline, WhatsApp fell, WhatsApp with problems or similar are related.

Twitter Trending Topics

Trending topics twitter

Twitter's Trending Topics show the topics that are being talked about most on the social network. The user can choose to see trends worldwide or in his region. To keep track of any problems like WhatsApp, it is ideal to opt for local results.

To do this, just touch the gear cone next to World Trends and go on Change location. So, set Brazil as the desired location. If you want something even more specific, you can choose to filter by your city or state by typing in the search bar.

If there is a problem, it is likely that less than WhatsApp fell or #whatsappdown in the tool.

Trending topics twitter

If you prefer, you can also search for these terms using the search tool on the home page and see how many people are talking about it. On the results page, on the right side of the screen, filter the location to Close to you.

Why did WhatsApp go offline?

WhatsApp offline

If, when checking the tips above, you realized that, in fact, the messenger is not working in your region, you must be trying to understand why the service has fallen. In general, instabilities are the main causes.

They can occur due to connection problems, many accesses simultaneously, errors in the messenger servers, among other reasons. In general, these faults are corrected in a few hours and can affect a large number of users.

Another reason, but less common, for the app to stop working are the lawsuits. In these cases, an order from a judge occurs so that the service is blocked or suspended until those responsible for the application comply with any request from Justice.

In Brazil, WhatsApp has already been blocked at least four times. In all of them, failing to provide information requested for police investigations.

But it is not only here that the program is taken down by institutions. According to a survey by Top10VPN, in 2019 the app was deliberately down for more than 6200 hours. The main reason was the actions of authoritarian governments, such as those of Sri Lanka and Sudo.

Why is WhatsApp not working properly?

WhatsApp seems to be working normally all over the world, except for you? So the problem may be with your device, with the internet connection or even with your operating system version.

Check the version of your operating system

Whatsapp does not work

Every year WhatsApp updates the list of devices on which it stops working. The app ends support for older versions of mobile operating systems and, therefore, no longer offers bug fixes and updates.

Therefore, in such cases, it is possible that certain functions will stop operating correctly (and will not be corrected). In addition, users of these lagged systems also do not have access to new app features.

In 2020, all devices with Windows Phone OS lost the support of the application, as well as smartphones with iOS 7 or lower and Android equal to or below version 2.3.7. If your device happens to fall into any of these categories, this may be the reason why WhatsApp is not working properly.

See your internet connection

whatsapp offline

It may seem like an obvious tip, but often, a simple check on the internet connection can solve the problem. Below we list some suggestions from WhatsApp that can remedy possible setbacks.

  • Activate the airplane mode for 10 seconds and deactivate;
  • If you are on a Wi-Fi network, enable and disable the connection to the network;
  • Restart your router,
  • If you are not on Wi-Fi, make sure your mobile data is active;
  • If you are using Wi-Fi administered by third parties, as in the case of corporate or educational environments, it is possible that the use of the application is blocked on this network;
  • Update your Android or iOS operating system to the latest available for your device.

Update WhatsApp

WhatsApp offline

An outdated version of the messenger may contain errors and flaws that have already been fixed and made available in the latest edition of the app. Therefore, it is possible that the problems you have been having are fixed when updating WhatsApp.

Allow data to be used in the background

If you are an Android device user, WhatsApp recommends disabling the Restrict background data option for the app to work properly. On some devices, just enable data usage in the background.

Access the app To set up and come Apps and notifications or Applications. Then follow the path: Applications or See all apps WhatsApp Permisses Data usage Activate key Background data or disable key Restrict background data.

Turn off the VPN

If you happen to use any VPN application on your smartphone, check if it is disabled. WhatsApp was not designed to work with proxy or VPN services and therefore is not compatible with these settings, explains the messenger.

According to the company, apps that offer memory management or performance optimization can also affect the functioning of WhatsApp.

Force the app to stop and clear the cache

Stopping and clearing WhatsApp's cache is a simple feature that can solve the problem of crashes or errors. When performing the processes, the app is closed and temporary files are deleted from the system.

Whatsapp does not work

To do this, go to: Configure Apps and Notifications See all WhatsApp apps Force close OK. Then come back to the screen Whatsapp, touch Storage and cache and choose Clear cache.

Reinstall WhatsApp

If nothing works, the last thing to do is uninstall WhatsApp and re-install it again. To do this, just open the Android or iPhone app store, search for the app and choose to uninstall. Restart your phone and then install the app again.