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Super Mario Run will arrive on the App Store on December 15, costing $ 10 for the full version

When Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo's creative genius, took the stage for Apple's September keynote to announce the introduction of the world's most famous plumber to the Ma ecosystem, the world was stunned but we didn't get any more information about Super Mario Run, the first game in the series for a device from outside the Japanese company itself. Well, now this information already exists.

Super Mario Run

According to a post published on Nintendo's official blog, the awaited game will reach iOS devices in exactly one month, on the day December 15, and can be downloaded absolutely for free. The detail, of course, is that it's not that simple: the version trial allow players to test the elements of the three game modes, and then whoever wants to continue should shell out $ 10 to unlock unlimited access is a really salty value for a mobile game, but, well, we're not talking about any developer, no.

Super Mario Run will be compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPods touch running iOS 8.0 or higher and will be released simultaneously in 151 countries and regions, with support for 10 languages ??in its initial phase, including Portuguese. The mechanics of the game are already known, featuring a system of platforms with horizontal scrolling where Mario runs uninterrupted and the player needs to dodge obstacles and enemies, collect coins and reach the flag with finger movements.

Anyone who wants to can already activate a reminder on the App Store:

Super Mario Run app icon

Let it arrive soon! ?