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Still rooting for Blu-ray on Macs? Take your little horse out of the rain.

Earlier this year, at an internal Apple meeting, Steve Jobs had already dismissed the possibility of including Blu-ray drives on Macs released during 2010. In mid-April, he reiterated the same position, recommending that a consumer use the YouTube to share your videos in HD.

Still, there are those who still hope to see news on the Mac SuperDrive in the near future. Yesterday, in a new email exchange with a reader from MacRumors, Jobs completely ruled out the possibility:

Blu-ray logo

Blu-ray looks more and more like one of those advanced audio formats that appeared as successors to the CD (does anyone remember SACD?) Just like them, it (Blu-ray) being defeated by formats downloadable from the internet.

It is evident that Jobs doesn?t love the standard, and the tone used in the message practically makes it clear that we will never see Blu-ray coming to a Mac. Some may still hope for an optional alternative at least on Macs Pro, but that kind of flexibility in well the face of Apple.

In a second email, Jobs reiterates that users are very fond of "instant gratification" and "convenience", two fundamental aspects for the popularization of downloads over the web. According to him, the trend is that we increasingly see the segment of films tending to free alternatives (such as Hulu) or rental (already available on the iTunes Store).