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Producing white iPhones 4 has proved to be a challenge for the responsible factory

So far, what we know about the white iPhone 4 is two things: 1. it is not for sale, despite appearing in certain Maroon 5 stores and shows; 2. it is expected to reach the hands of final consumers before the end of July. But what would be the problem that delayed the definitive arrival of the new device?

With 14,000 employees, Lens Techonology would be responsible for producing white glass for the iPhone 4.

According to the Engadget, the factory responsible for the glass plates (represented above) would be facing problems in one of the production steps. Preparing the glass slides that make up the front and rear of the iPhone 4 involves a series of steps: developing the tools, cutting the raw material (from Germany, Switzerland and Japan), finalizing the cutting with CNC machines (computed numerically controlled; cut three plates of iPhone 4 per hour!), sand the edges, polish, strengthen, clean, coat, paint, bake, season, assemble and pack. There is no step 14!

According to a Lens quality control official, the process of painting the glass plates would be experiencing problems: a perfect balance between paint layer thickness and opacity would not have been achieved to have absolute whiteness. Too thick, the paint demo can hinder the assembly of the digitizer; too thin, and the iPhone 4 won't be as white as the pathological perfectionists that we all love at Apple crave. The arrival of the device to the market, however, will be slow: Lens's production capacity would be able to meet only half of Ma's demand.

As the president of the extinct Working Designs once said, "delays are temporary, mediocrity is eternal". Better that the white iPhone 4 costs a little more to arrive than we have another media uprising accusing Apple of having created an imperfect product.