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Nokia opens its mouth to talk about holding a cell phone and a fly ends up entering

Many people think that Steve Jobs's response to ?IPhone Death Grip? it was rude and inconvenient, but because they saw no worse answers. Because Nokia decided to join in the fun and try to show that you can hold your phone "however you want", listing the four most common ways.

Of course, feel free to ignore all of the above methods, because, realistically, you are free to hold your Nokia however you want. And without suffering any loss of signal. Cool, huh?

You mean I can ignore the design and text in a Nokia manual?

As with any radiation transmitting device, avoid touching the antenna unnecessarily when it is in use. For example, avoid touching the cell phone antenna during a call. Contact with an antenna that is transmitting or receiving information affects the quality of the communication, which can make the device work at a higher power level than necessary and reduce battery life.

as they say: ?in a closed mouth, no fly?. : – /

(via Engadget)