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News, Apple's news platform, now has “native ads”

Earlier this year we reported that Apple was thinking of a way to allow the distribution of paid content in the app News of iOS 9. This has not yet happened rumors still bet on something like this in the future, but the Business Insider reported an interesting novelty for those who want to advertise on the Apple news platform.

Apple News Ads

In addition to the five different banner options (Standard, Medium Rectangle, Double, Large and Interstitial) It's from Pre-Roll Video, there are now so-called Native Banners.

According to Apple's own explanation (which you can see in this PDF document), these native ads are displayed directly on the feed news and are purposefully similar to normal articles, signed by users, they even use the standard News source, to mix with the app's sea of ??news.

Apple News Ads

As we can see in the image above, although the native ads are very similar (title, subtitle and a publicity image) with the articles signed by users, all of them will be properly identified with a ?Sponsored by (company name)? (in Portuguese, ?Sponsored by (company name).? Apple also gives the option of the company not to put its name; in this case, the advertisement is identified only with a ?Sponsored? (?Sponsored?).

Editors can now upload native ads to News, as long as everything is identified in the metadata; if anyone tries to be smart (do not identify advertising as such), they may lose their account on the Apple news platform.

Ironically, this advertising option comes at a time when Apple has practically shutting down the engine of iAd, its advertising platform.