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Netflix tests Ultra plan in Brazil for R $ 53.90; understand | Audio and Video

Netflix started testing in Brazil a new streaming package called Ultra, with a monthly fee set at R $ 53.90. The experiment is also being carried out in other countries, such as the United States. As this package is still in the testing phase, at first, it is likely that the new option will not appear for all Netflix users. In addition, if the reception of Ultra is negative, there is also the possibility that the plan will not become permanent in the streaming service.

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Netflix: tips every subscriber should know

Netflix: tips every subscriber should know

Netflix is ??conducting the experiment to analyze how the public will receive the Ultra plan. In response to TechTudo, the streaming company confirmed the existence of the package and explained: "We continuously test new things on Netflix and these tests usually vary in length. In this case, we are testing slightly different prices and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix. Not everyone is going to see this test and we may not be able to offer the specific prices or features contemplated. "

What is different about the Ultra plan?

For now, the Netflix Ultra package does not offer many advantages over existing ones, such as Basic, which costs R $ 19.90 per month, and the standard, R $ 27.90 per month.

Netflix's Ultra plan has two versions. In one of them, it is possible to access four screens in simultaneous transmission, all with 4K Ultra HD technology. If the plan becomes definitive, those who have Premium will have the right to access the platform only on two different devices at the same time, and the current plan allows for four screens.

Netflix starts testing Ultra plan in Brazil Photo: Reproduo / TwitterNetflix starts testing Ultra plan in Brazil Photo: Reproduo / Twitter

Netflix starts testing Ultra plan in Brazil Photo: Reproduo / Twitter

In the other version of Ultra tests, the price offered is R $ 45.90. In this, both subscribers to this package and to Premium would have access to four transmission screens. But only Ultra would be entitled to 4K content. If the Ultra plan is finally implemented, those who subscribe to the Basic and Standard plans would only have the option of watching Netflix content in HD (high resolution) or Full HD (higher than HD).

It is worth mentioning again that the Ultra is in the testing phase, therefore, prices and services are not definitive. Netflix can adjust the package if deemed necessary. There is still no forecast for the duration of the experiment.

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