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Neil Young's catalog is now back on Apple Music and other streaming services, a year after musician disowned them

One of the most prolific composers in the rock world, Neil Young does not escape a controversy: more than a year ago, he criticized the quality of streaming like Apple Music and removed all of them except TIDAL, which has a HiFi version of its entire musical catalog.

There are those who say it was nothing more than a marketing ploy to promote their high fidelity digital player (or not) PonoPlayer and PonoMusic, their corresponding store, but who am I to judge one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century, right?

Neil Young

The fact that Young's strategy does not seem to have worked out very well, since all of his extensive production seems to have returned to Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and the limited company. So, masterpieces like the album Harvest, 1972, can now be heard again by subscribers of all major streaming.

It is not yet known exactly what made the musician change his mind (I imagine he has enough money left over), but for the same individual who just over a year ago said that he did not need his music to be ?devalued by the worst quality in history transmission or any other form of distribution ?, it seems to me that Young went through a beautiful epiphany in the meantime. Maybe he was convinced that accessibility is above quality, after all?

(P.S .: As you may have noticed, this one who writes you a big fan of old Neil. You can bug him down below, but for every negative comment I will answer with a good song from the guy after all, Rock and Roll can never die.)

(via Cult of Mac)