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Movimento Portugal #EntraEmCena does not want COVID-19 to "infect" art

there must be art tomorrow. It was based on this thought that the Portugal Movement #EntraEmCena emerged, integrated in the OutSystems COVID-19 Community Response program, in a collaboration between artists, brands and public and private companies that resulted in an online platform.

Materialized in an online platform, through the availability of the low-code platform of the Portuguese technological OutSystems, the initiative allows artists to launch ideas and collect investment in this initial phase. But also companies and public and private entities can challenge and receive artistic proposals, choosing the ones they intend to remunerate already.

Portugal Movement #EntraEmCena

Both responding to challenges launched by companies and entities that are on the platform, as well as simply publishing ideas and creations, the artists are directly remunerated by the entities and companies that are on the platform and are interested in their ideas and proposals.

Representing an investment of more than one million euros, in projects up to 20 thousand euros, the initiative comes in response to the fragile moment of the artists who saw their sources of income canceled or postponed. Thus, it is intended that investment in artists and technicians in the cultural sector be carried out in projects that can happen, for now, from home, and later, after the epidemic or even in 2021.