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iFixit offers free iPhone 4 repair manuals

You go and buy a brand new iPhone 4, a gadget dream, but when you take it out of the box, you drop it five times on the floor, shatter the glass back, a knife falls right on the button Home and a pen hits the rear camera. Her mother, hearing her cries of pain, arrives to help and accidentally spills a glass of water on what is left of the gadget, frying the logic board.

Bah, nonsense! With the iFixit repair manuals, technical assistance and users with knowledge in electronics can now count on a valuable source of knowledge to repair all the damage illustrated in the story I just told. According to them, replacing the rear cover is the easiest task of all; on the other hand, changing the front of an iPhone 4 requires that it be completely disassembled and requires the replacement of glass, LCD and digitizer all at once (so far, there is no way to separate the three without damaging them).

The ten available manuals can be accessed free of charge and soon iFixit will also start selling spare parts for replacements. As they say, I hope you never need these guides!