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For Jeff Bezos, iPad and Kindle are products of different categories

One has a black and white screen almost ideal for reading (higher resolution and contrast helped); the other has a bright, colorful screen that some people find tiring. One costs $ 500, the other recently went from $ 260 to $ 190. One can do just about anything a developer can imagine and the hardware allows; the other extremely focused on reading, not serving much more than that.

iPad and KindlePhoto: Eddie Wong

We're talking about the iPad and the Kindle, of course. As if these striking differences were not enough, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, said in an interview Fortune Tech that ?(the iPad) is in a completely different category. The Kindle for readers. ? Nothing could be more true.

Further proof that these two devices do not necessarily need to compete was the recent update of the Kindle app for iOS, which brought Apple gadgets features that even Amazon hardware would not be able to support. The arrival of the app on Android (still without the new features, however), reinforces the idea that the Kindle, device, does not have rivals of various utilities such as smartphones or tablets.

The ecommerce giant's focus, after all, is to keep its store as ubiquitous as possible, reinforcing the 80% domination of the ebook market in 2009. Ultimately, your hardware doesn't matter: what Amazon wants you to buy and read it anywhere, whether on Kindle or in the app running on Macs, PCs, smartphones or tablets, these run on iOS or Android.

We'll see if Apple will leave it at that: will the iBookstore take off?

(via Electronist)