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Do you want to work on Apple's future glorious “spaceship”? The company is already hiring

If you forgive me for the obviousness, the day that Apple finally opens the doors of its coming has never been so close Campus 2 and the glorious ?spaceship? designed by Norman Foster will become the peak of the pilgrimage of the Applemanacos through the Silcio Valley.

Apple campus 2 - popular science

The inauguration (and consequent change of many employees of 1 Infinite Loop and adjacent buildings) is scheduled for the beginning of next year, and now Apple is finally announcing on its website vacancies available for permanent work on Campus 2 until then, the hiring of employees to work on site was restricted to outsourced companies.

Among the vacancies offered, there are ?master loading dock? (to coordinate deliveries with planning software and ensure strict access control, among other tasks), ?technician to support security systems? and ? video production manager ?(for the production of internal video content and to be shown at events).

Not many vacancies considering the absurd number of 41 thousand jobs that the new campus will generate and / or house (of these, 12,600 professionals from the construction area to lift the structure in the last three years). Still, if you have the necessary requirements for a vacancy, the availability to move to California immediately and an uncontrollable desire to work at Apple, is played to the sound of Lulu Santos, preferably.

(via 9to5Mac)