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After Twitter, Bolsonaro posts are also removed from Facebook and Instagram

In videos posted on social media, Jair Bolsonaro talked to workers and defended the use of medication without proven efficacy for the treatment of COVID-19

After the Twitter delete president posts Jair Bolsonaro, The Facebook it's the Instagram they made the same decision and removed the content of the president who violated the rules of the respective networks.

In the publication, Twitter goes against what has been defending the WHO – World Health Organization it's the Ministry of Health in combating the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Last Sunday, the president shared a series of videos showing him visiting merchants in the Federal District, generating crowds.

Bolsonaro's deleted video printIn one of the removed videos, Bolsonaro talked to workers and defended chloroquine

To Facebook, the publication of Jair Bolsonaro it generates misinformation, as well as can cause real damage to people. We have removed content on Facebook and Instagram that violates our Community Fathers, who do not allow misinformation that could cause real harm to people, the company said in a note. Despite this, both networks have not removed another video where the president appears talking to supporters in Ceilndia, who are calling for the reopening of churches.

Bolsonaro posts on Twitter

J o Twitter was the first to remove the footage. In publications, Twitter he also visited people in the Federal District and defended the use of chloroquine to combat coronavirus (COVID-19). Hydroxychloroquine (combination chloroquine + azithromycin) is working in all places. A French study has arrived for me nowhe said in the excluded video. It is important to highlight that the remedy is still in the testing phase and there is no effective proof that it can cure a person with COVID-19.

Message about Bolsonaro's post deleted on TwitterMessage about Bolsonaro's post deleted on Twitter

In the videos excluded in Twitter, in addition to greeting the workers, Jair Bolsonaro visited a bakery and also an aougue. Many stopped to take pictures. In a Folha de S.Paulo note, the social network said:

Twitter recently announced worldwide expansion of its rules to cover content that is eventually against public health information directed by official sources and could put people at greater risk of transmitting COVID-19. Details of the expansion of our approach are available on our blog

Twitter note on the removed posts.

Print with Jair Bolsonaro's second tweet deletedSecond tweet from Jair Bolsonaro removed

Jair Bolsonaro one of the first world leaders to have excluded posts on the Twitter. Previously, the company also deleted a publication by Venezuelan dictator Nicols Maduro for pointing out a homemade drink that could eliminate the coronavirus (COVID-19). Within the Brazilian government, they had also deleted posts from the Minister of the Environment, Ricardo Salles, and the president's son, the senator Flávio Bolsonaro.

Still in March, the President of the USA, Donald Trump, also violated the rules of the Twitter. He posted a manipulated video of his opponent Joe Biden. With that, the platform displayed a manipulated media alert.

Source: Folha de S.Paulo.