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A perfect solution to improve your routine! | Productivity

Sometimes we forget, but, do you remember that, 10 years ago, to get somewhere, it was still necessary to visualize the route on a physical map? Or, 20 years ago, phone books were the only options for those who wanted to find out someone's number? Because . Today, these items are already obsolete thanks to new technologies that have emerged and, of course, have facilitated people's daily lives.

With a simple and very popular interface, Office 365 is one of those modern tools for those who need practicality and organization. Solutions that make your files available in the cloud, with anti-spam and virus protection, help those who like to store photos, videos and documents on the computer but always accessing such items on various devices to applications and also brings the most popular programs such as Word, Excel and Power point. The subscription plan also includes the updated version of all these Office programs, which have been part of your daily life for a long time!

The novelty is due to the subscription system: Office 365 allows that, instead of buying a more expensive license and keep that same version forever, you can make a monthly or annual subscription much more affordable. The economy is also accompanied by several advantages, such as the storage of all documents produced in the cloud. The plans have 1 TB per person in the case of Home, the space can be shared between up to 5 users (with 1TB for each user!).

For your work, if you are a freelancer and need to communicate with employers or even to exchange an idea with friends, you can do video conferences in HD or even take advantage of Skype. In addition to providing minutes for calls to landlines, the voice and video program is fully integrated with other software. This means that you can hold a meeting while working collaboratively on the same document.

Among the many advantages of subscribing to Office 365 for personal use, we have separated some that caught our attention:

Want to access all applications and documents with personal information remotely and using any device? With Office 365, you can store everything you produce using software such as OneDrive, Word and Excel in the cloud. That way, you don't get stuck on the computer where these programs would be installed, and you have the freedom to access your files from anywhere, be it PC, tablet or cell phone. This function also allows you and other friends to edit a file at the same time, which greatly speeds up the time to do a job or prepare a presentation.

    Photo: Divulgao / Microsoft

Photo: Divulgao / Microsoft

Always have the most up-to-date version of all the software included in your subscription. This ensures better protection, better performance versions and, of course, new features for you to create and produce better! And with the Office 365 subscription, whether it's the Home version (for up to 5 users) or Personal (for 1 user), you can update programs whenever a new version is released, at no extra cost.

    Photo: Divulgao / Microsoft    Photo: Divulgao / Microsoft

Photo: Divulgao / Microsoft

Office 365 subscriptions include 1 TB per user of cloud storage with OneDrive, to store photos, videos and documents, which in addition to freeing up space on your PC or Mobile, also ensures that you will not be left on hand and lose your files in case of accidents with one of your devices. In addition, the subscription includes applications you already know, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others, and can be used in any browser or installed on your computer, which makes it much easier and allows you to access everything from anywhere or computer.

We talked about it above, but just the fact that you guarantee 1TB of storage already allows you to not worry about anything! All your files can stay on OneDrive and on your PC at the same time and any changes you make, OneDrive automatically syncs ensuring that nothing is lost, even if your computer falls into the pool.

Extra tip: OneDrive also allows you to sync your phone's gallery automatically, so all photos are saved and you don't miss anything.

Always with the most current version, Skype allows calls like a regular phone (with the Office 365 subscription you receive 60 free minutes every month), but it can also be used integrated with other software within Office 365. That is, it is possible to make meetings, connect with family or friends who live far away, and still allow people to collaboratively edit and create documents, as we talked about in tip number 1 above.

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