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US Supreme Court reverses decision in favor of Apple and case against Samsung will be reviewed

We are not from the legal world and, therefore, we do not follow closely the various business disputes that take place around the world. But I venture to say that the case Apple vs. Samsung one of the ones that has had the most twists in recent years. This is because, after many comings and goings, today the United States Supreme Court decided (PDF) in favor of Samsung in the battle that started in 2011 and that continues to this day.

In summary, the decision that was in effect was that Apple should receive compensation in the $ 399 million due to design patent violations committed by Samsung (remembering that we are talking about a battle that started there and involves Galaxy devices more old).

The decision of the American Supreme Court judges now follows the line of defense of the South Korean company: they unanimously decided (8 to 0) that there is not enough information to say whether the damages should be calculated based on the construction of the device as a whole or in individual components (such as the front panel or the device structure itself). As such, the case now returns to the U.S. Court of Appeals, which is expected to reconsider / recalculate the $ 399 million penalty.

better sit down, see, because this fight will still pay off

(via 9to5Mac)