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Tim Cook appears in the ranking of the 100 most valued CEOs in the world

In a new ranking named The World?s Best-Value CEOs, a Bloomberg listed the executive officers (chief-executive officers, or CEOs) who are more ?valued? in the business world. That is, are executives underestimated or overestimated?

Larry Page (Alphabet), Lowell McAdam (Verizon) and Li Yue (China Mobile) are well-known names that appeared on the list, which pointed out 100 CEOs of companies from around the world only companies with market value joke (market cap) over $ 1 billion and CEOs with three or more fiscal years in office. Right now, we are interested in focusing on one of them: Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple.

Here's what Bloomberg talked about the ranking (already highlighting the Apple CEO there, after all, he runs the most valuable company in the world):

Are executive officers worth their salary? The $ 10 million compensation from Apple CEO Tim Cook is not ?a penny?, but a bargain when you compare that to the company's huge economic profit over the past three years. Other companies pay their CEOs a lot more, but seem to earn a lot less. THE Bloomberg looked at the pay-for-performance ratio of 100 CEOs at some of the largest companies worldwide to see which companies are best at recognizing the value of their CEOs.

Incredibly, Cook came in 11th place, with a payout of around $ 10 million. Although the number is considerable, Apple's average three-year profit is $ 22 billion. Recalling that the remuneration of cooker divided into: salary (US $ 2 million), incentive plan (US $ 8 million) and ?other compensation? (US $ 281 thousand). So, if we put it on the scale, it really gets him a ?bargain?.

On the list, two people appear first: billionaire Robert Pera (from Ubiquiti Networks) and Kosta Kartsotis (from Fossil Group). The peculiarity of these two is that neither is receiving any formal compensation, but Pera owns 70% of the company and Kartsoris owns more than US $ 200 million in shares of Fossil.

The complete ranking you see on this page.

(via MacRumors)