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Site bets that, in 2017, the “big news” of the “iPhones 7s / 7s Plus” will be the addition of the red color

You know that story of a ?iPhone 8? totally renovated, with a futuristic design (basically a screen on the front, without frames), wireless charging and without contact by induction, among other things long awaited? According to the Japanese blog MACBlog (which has its beautiful hits there, but also mistakes in its history), none of this will happen at least not in 2017.

According to them and without giving much explanation, just citing sources within Apple's supply chain in Taiwan, the ?iPhones 7s / 7s Plus? (yes, no ?iPhone 8?) will basically be a natural evolution of current models, bringing incremental improvements in areas such as computational / graphic processing (A11 chip).

Supposed iPhone 7s Plus red

They even make it clear that the next generation of iPhones * will not * have a glass structure and * will * not have wireless charging. The ?big news? would be the arrival of a red color most likely linked to the PRODUCT (RED) initiative.

Who's right? The Japanese blog or the ?famous? analyst Ming-Chi Kuo? Ah, these rumors

(via MacRumors)