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See you in another life, brother! LOST Apple II to stop at auction

Remember that in the second season of LOST, did we see an Apple II Plus with an Apple III monitor? Not just that of the Swan Station (The Swan), as in Estação Prola (The Pearl) connected to a printer also from Ma.

Now that mine and I imagine that of many readers of the favorite series blog is over, several classic items from the island ended up in an auction. Among them, you can bid on Charlie's DS ring, Dharma's beer cans, Hurley's van (!) And, of course, the computer used to enter numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 .

Is there an adaptation with an iPad on the screen?

For those who already have a poster on the wall, a logo The Swan at the door, and the action figure Jack next door, an Apple II would be suitable for decoration. Too bad the value of the bids must go far from our budgets, hehe!

Still, fans can be content with the simple Doomsday Terminal app that simulates the 108 minutes of the Season on iPhones / iPods touch or leaving Mac icons personalized with a special downloadable package.

The auction takes place at the end of this month more specifically, on August 21; you can see more details on the official website. Will anyone participate?

Note: if anyone is interested, yes, I liked the end of LOST. But this subject for another blog ;-P

Namast. And good luck.

(via MacStories)