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Reddit finally launches official app for iPhones… but only on the American App Store [atualizado]

THE Reddit he never hid his megalomaniac pretending to be the ?gateway to the internet?. It turns out that, for a site with such grand ambitions, reaching 2016 without an official mobile device app means staying out of the vast majority of the most used devices to access the web on the planet (and in Brazil).

Well, it meant: the official Reddit app is now available for free on the App Store and Google Play, but with a dark detail: for now, only in English countries.

Reddit on iPhones

The company previously had its mobile efforts concentrated on a version of the website adapted for the smaller screens (which remains on the air and, to be honest, quite breaks the branch) and the app Alien Blue, which started as a third-party solution and was acquired by Reddit in 2014, operating as a semi-official application. The new app, however, does not use any of the bases of Alien Blue, having been written from scratch with the aim of offering greater speed, lightness and ease of use.

The iOS application interface is divided into four parts: the Timeline shows the content found on the main page of the site, a mix of featured posts with content from the "subreddits" followed by the user; the flap Subscriptions presents a list with all subscriptions and the resource Discover, to find new ?subreddits? by topics of interest; The Inbox a kind of notification center and private messages; finally, in Profile, the user sees and modifies the details of the account itself. The app includes a night mode and has a filter "Safe For Work", which hides the ?sensitive? content, which, in the case of a site with such a political aura and full of weird corners, is indispensable.

In time: for now, there is still no version of the app adapted for iPads, which means that, for them, the Alien Blue app is still available while on the iPhone App Store it has already been properly defenestrated. It is also important to note that, even with the launch of the new official app, Reddit continues to be legal and supporting the development of other apps for accessing the site, unlike certain social networks out there.

The bad part of all this, as noted above, is that for the time being the application is only available in English-speaking countries, quite possibly for translation reasons. It gets even sadder when we find out that users who download the new app will get three months free Reddit Gold (subscription that has a series of benefits, such as themes and navigation without advertisements) but only during the launch week. Hopefully, the new app will soon arrive in Brazilian lands, but we will not win this gift. Pity.

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Version 2020.11.0 (94.4 MB) Requires iOS 11.0 or higher Not available on the Brazilian App Store!

(via TechCrunch)

Update · 4/12/2016 s 17:06

Apparently, the easy life of third-party apps has ended with the arrival of the official Reddit app.

Several of them, including the most popular iAlien, BaconReader and Narwhal, for example, were removed from the App Store from yesterday to today. Some of the developers have reported that the applications have been withdrawn because of clause 18.2 of the Apple store guidelines, which requires a mechanism to enable or disable sensitive content (Not Safe For Work, or NSFW), but it is still unclear why they spent enough time on air to be taken out just now.

Anyway, the problem already seems to be in the process of being fixed: developers are changing apps to follow the user's general preferences on the Reddit website, as Apple is demanding. With that, most apps are back to the place they should never have left, after all, options are always welcome, right?

(via MacStories)