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Oops? IPad documentation for business users references camera

It may have been just a mistake by Apple, it could be the anticipation of a future feature: the AppleInsider found references to the presence of a camera on the iPad, in one of the documents intended for corporate users of the gadget.

The file in question is a PDF that comments on the possibilities of using the Apple tablet in corporate environments, available here in a corrected version (3.9MB). Before, however, one last item was on the list of available restrictions: ?use of the camera?, as you can see in the image above and left.

The reference to a camera in this official Apple document may have been just a small mistake that would have abused ?copy & paste? by relying on one of the iPhone reference documents (PDF; 2.2MB). There is only one point left with no: the text of this one is quite different from that of the iPad version. Mystery