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iSuppli finds that integrated graphics are spreading in the notebook market

In yet another of its periodic surveys on the technology world, iSuppli said this week that processors with integrated graphics have already taken over the notebook market. Er, almost: they comprise 39% of the total this year, but the forecast is that they will reach 50% in 2011, 65% in 2012 and up to 83% (82.9%, to be more exact :-P) in 2014.

Penetration of notebooks with integrated graphics

The ?notebook market? in iSuppli's research, however, is quite generalist: the firm explains that this change is being greatly influenced by the popularization of ultraportable notebooks, netbooks and tablets (such as the iPad). There is a need for manufacturers to look for integrated solutions, which consume less power and generate less heat for their compact gadgets.

Of course, nobody is going to buy a netbook thinking about running heavy games, of the latest generation. However, it is worth remembering that the use of these chips also leads to the loss of other features that consumers may miss today, including reproduction of high definition videos and Flash content. Is this the right way?

(via Computerworld)