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iPhone locked by accident? See how to unlock your iPhone

Locking the iPhone by accident is more common than you think. This can happen by forgetting the password, pressing the wrong buttons by accident or simply because your child wanted to break into your iPhone to play outside of the agreed schedules. That's why apps like iMyFone LockWiper are needed.

Another example for those dealing with little ones are the parental control apps. One of its features is to block the device after a certain period of use. What happens when you need to use it even after the time expires and you end up with a wrong password? That's right, it ends up with a locked smartphone.

These are just a few examples of what can happen, especially in cases where you end up forgetting the password. That's why we recommend using an app to manage passwords. But they are not the only ones.

This makes iMyFone LockWiper essential for maintaining the security of your Apple or Google smartphone. So get to know the software below and find out what the main benefits of using it are next!

What does iMyFone LockWiper?

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<p>IMyFone LockWiper is a program for Windows and Mac that helps you unlock your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch if you accidentally locked it, regardless of the cause.</p>
<p>It also makes it possible to unlock your Apple ID without using a password, in addition to overriding parental control restrictions<strong/>to be able to use it in a need.</p>
<p>The company is responsible for other programs that facilitate the use of the smartphone, such as file retrievers and repair, useful in situations where the iPhone does not turn on.</p>
<p>The software is compatible with the latest version of the Apple system, iOS 13 and will be useful regardless of the iPhone model you have in hand.</p>
<h2>What are the benefits of using the program?</h2>
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