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iPhone 7 has a strong presence in Google searches in 2016

Last weeks of the year always bring us several retrospectives. Today, who published yours was the Google.

THE Year in Search 2016 brings rankings by themes and can be separated by countries. Overall, Apple ranked second with iPhone 7:

Obviously, for this reason, the iPhone 7 also topped the specific ranking on consumer technologies with the iPhone SE in the 3rd position, iPhone 6s at 4 and the iPhone 7 Plus at 7:

Moving on to the rankings of Brazil, the iPhone 7 was once again featured in the general searches of 2016 only in the 10th position:

In a ranking entitled ?Because?, in 4 places it appeared in the valley to laugh ? the phrase ?WhatsApp has been blocked?:

Google also released a cool retrospective video:

For a change, another year that flew, my dear