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Do it yourself: adapt an iMac foot for your iPad

Do you like to do different things? Enjoy tinkering with tools and crafts? Do you have an iMac base left (or do you know how to get one)? Do you think your iPad needs the most stand Apple-like is it possible? If your answer to all these questions is ?yes?, this project from Instructables tailored for you: the iMacPad.

Desktop with iMacPad

Converting an iMac base to an iPad stand is not the most difficult task, but it is also not for everyone: if you are in doubt about your abilities with this type of thing, better not to proceed. The task is presented in four steps (plus an optional one), from the preparation of the styrene support, through the fixation of this to the iMac foot, until the replacement of the base rubber with leather, to give more firmness.

The end result is not the most practical, I think, but it certainly looks interesting like a 2015 iMac or something. If this is your thing and an iMac p is giving you soup by the way, it can be something cool to use with a Bluetooth keyboard or leave as a digital frame while recharging. If you decide to do this project, send us some pictures.

(tip from visionmac, via FLIPERAMA TILT)