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Comments platform Disqus wins its long-awaited iPhone application

Not all of you should remember / know but, after a brief period without, the again offered a space for comments for you, readers, to discuss and deepen the topics that we discuss here on the website. In this resumption, we opted for the comment platform Disqus, which offers many benefits compared to others (such as Facebook, which we used previously).

Because Disqus sinned in one thing: the lack of an iPhone application in which we could find and read our conversations, comment on discussions that we are engaged in, among other things. Because it was finally released on the App Store!

Sorry, app not found.

Although simple, the main features are there.

With this release, we have chosen to meet the needs of iOS users in order to provide them with everything they need to continue commenting while on the move. The app has areas like your inbox for notifications, user profile, ease of use and a way to discover new discussions on the channels and websites you follow.

There are still cool things like replying or giving notes to a particular comment by the Notification Center, blocking users (so that their messages and notifications are no longer visible even if this is not reflected in the web version, something they will correct in the future), among other things.

If you usually comment a lot on sites that use Disqus, like ours, the app is practically mandatory.