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Apple struggles to end ban on sales of iPhones 6/6 Plus in China

Most likely you don't remember, but last June Apple was found guilty by a Chinese court of infringing a local company's patent. The case revolves around the iPhone 6 design, which is supposed to be a ?copy? of the device 100C, from Shenzhen Baili (which is insolvent, say without money to pay what you owe). Result: sales of the device were interrupted which is currently not even a big problem, since Apple stopped officially marketing the iPhone 6 after the launch of the 7.

Yesterday, 7/12 (Wednesday), Apple defended itself against the accusations. Ma argued that the Beijing Intellectual Property Office defied the legal convention in the decision by banning sales of the iPhone 6 in the country. Lawyer Yang Pu said that banning sales of iPhones 6/6 Plus due to design similarities with Shenzen Baili's 100C device was ?unfounded and irrational?. She also argued that the design of the iPhone 6 has 13 different construction techniques compared to the patents of the Chinese company and that consumers can clearly distinguish the devices.

100C and iphone 6 comparison

After nearly eight hours of trial, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court did not deliver a verdict (meaning the ban remains in effect).

The great fear of Apple, we imagine, to see Baili manage to expand the case and include the iPhones 6s / 6s Plus in the move (the damage could be real, since the devices continue to be marketed).

The design patent for the March 100C in 2014. Interestingly, it was at this same time that images began to leak of what could be the iPhone 6. The big bet that Baili simply took this material that appeared on the internet and tried to launch a product before Apple, with a similar look, in order to have this ?advantage? in hands obviously, the Chinese firmly denies having done so.

(via AppleInsider)