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Apple appears on the list of the best places to work for the 9th consecutive year, but continues to lose positions

The jobs and careers community Glassdoor publishes, every year, a famous list of the 50 best companies to work for. The 2017 list (yes, 2017, since the idea is to envision which will be the best companies for users next year, instead of looking back) was released yesterday, and Apple is, as it has been in all nine years in which the list has been carried out so far, marking the presence even though its position in the ranking continues to fall.

Apple campus board in 1 Infinite Loop

In the general ranking that is limited to companies based in the United States, it should be noted that the consulting firm Bain & Company won 1st place, followed by Facebook (which has already been 1 for three years in a row). In addition to the social giant of Uncle Zuckerberg, two other major technology companies are on the Top 10: Google (4 place) and Adobe (9).

THE Apple it was 36 in the general ranking, representing its third consecutive fall, Ma won 25th place in the list in 2016 and 22nd in 2015, having as its best performance the 10th place in 2012. Above it, there are companies in the industry as NVIDIA (30) and Airbnb (35), while just below, in 37, we see his old nmesis, the Microsoft.

The list's methodology is based purely on the opinions of employees of the aforementioned companies, who send opinions anonymously on a number of internal aspects such as the work environment, relations with colleagues and superiors, valuation and salaries. Could it be that next year, with the inauguration of Ma's glorious "spaceship", this placement will improve a little?

(via Apple World Today)