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Apparently Foxconn will even invest in the US, opening up the possibility of iPhones being manufactured there [atualizado]

It may seem like a post-campaign by Donald Trump, but the fact is that the next president of the United States is running to get some of his plans into action as quickly as possible, and one of them involves an investment from Foxconn in the US for Apple and possibly other giants to manufacture many of their products on American soil.

It all started when Trump released an agreement (on a piece of paper, really) with the CEO of SoftBank (Japanese giant that owns the American operator Sprint), Masayoshi Son, which includes an investment of $ 50 billion in startups that could generate more than 50,000 jobs. In that document, next to the SoftBank logo, it also appears that of Foxconn.

Supposed investment by SoftBank and Foxconn

And if you pay attention, you can see that the investments proposed in the document are supposed to be divided by the plus sign (+); on the left side we have what would be the part of SoftBank (US $ 50 billion + 50 thousand jobs); of the right, the part that Foxconn would have ($ 7 billion + 50,000 jobs) all within the next four years, which obviously encompasses Trump's mandate.

That was enough to start speculation. In declaration CNN, Foxconn confirmed that it is preliminarily talking about a potential investment that would represent the expansion of the company's current operation in the USA; on the other hand, as the scope of this investment has not yet been determined, they did not want to go into details and said that they will only announce something when the time is right (if, of course, an agreement is really closed).

As reported by CNN, in October SoftBank and the government of Saudi Arabia announced plans to form an investment fund with capital of $ 100 billion to invest in technology companies worldwide. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Son said the $ 50 billion agreed to be invested in the US would come from this fund.

It is unclear why Foxconn's name is on such a document, be part of this supposed deal that was sewn up, and have no representative discussing this with Son and Trump. Although Son is a friend of Terry Gou (founder of Foxconn) and both have a partnership in robotics, we are talking about two giants that have no administrative / financial ties.

In addition, as we always say, Foxconn is a partner of dozens of technology companies and not necessarily that investment in the US has to do with Apple's operations. However, taking into account the Trump campaign and its irrefutable desire to convince Apple to manufacture iPhones on American soil, it is not wrong to think that one thing is related to another.

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Update · 12/12/2016 s 19:03

According to some vehicles (Reuters, CNBC and The Wall Street Journal), Apple talked to SoftBank to participate in this $ 100 billion investment fund, possibly contributing $ 1 billion the conversations, however, were not confirmed by the companies.

With more than $ 200 billion in cash, Apple could easily participate in this fund even if it does not have such an investment history (with the exception of iFund (an initiative of the company itself with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers to invest in application developers and startups connected to the area).

Let us follow this story.

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