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Almost one in two photos uploaded to Flickr in 2016 was taken with an iPhone

New year is coming, the retrospectives begin. Although it is no longer a reference site for photos as it used to be, the Flickr that nowadays Yahoo still has a space in the heart of millions of people around the world.

Keeping an annual tradition, the guys released statistics today for all the photos sent to Flickr at 2016. And check it out: almost one in two photos posted by l came from a iPhone.

Flickr in 2016

In the chart of most popular cameras by brands, Apple leads with 47%, followed by Canon with 24% and by Nikon with 18% (yes, one smartphone maker versus two DSLRs). Eight of the ten most popular devices were iPhones, with the 6, The 5s it's the 6s occupying the first three positions; the remaining two were filled by Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Incidentally, Flickr released yet another graphic referring to the types of devices used showing that smartphones also lead in popularity with 48% (39% last year), followed by DSLRs with 25%, point-and-shoot cameras (point-and-shoot) with 21% and mirrorless cameras (mirrorless) with only 3%.

To the curious, Flickr also released the main photos of 2016.