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W3 Stand for Apple Watch leaves the watch looking like an original mini Macintosh

J thought to ?save? your Apple Watch in a support just like a Macintosh original (from 1984), only that in miniature?

W3 Stand for Apple Watch

The above product exists and is called W3 Stand. It manufactured by elago It is specially made for Ma's watch, with an internal space for you to position his original charger and pass its cable through the back.

Since the Apple Watch is 38mm or 42mm flat, the W3 Stand is perfect for use with Headboard Mode (Nightstand Mode) of watchOS.

The classic version of the product (shown in the image above) uses the same beige coloring as Mac, but elago also sells a black one. Both are made of silicone and run for $ 13.49.

(via MacRumors)